Brothers Reunion – A YCPRT Success Story

Edwin was in the custody of the public child welfare agency since he was four years old. He is close to 17 years old now and wanted to build a strong network of people who love and care about him.

Edwin experienced multiple challenges while living in foster care including more than 7 moves, being separated from his siblings, and losing a foster father he cared deeply about to cancer. Edwin’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter (WWK) sought out the family members of where his siblings were living. His older brother’s family was very open to visiting with Edwin and visits began.

Edwin invited the family to his YCPRT and during the meeting when the family learned more about Edwin’s need for permanency stated “we would love to have him.”
After visits occurred and a kinship assessment, Edwin moved in with his family. He has done extremely well and has graduated from High School. Most of all, Edwin loves being with his brother!