30 Days Success Story – Twins Find Permanency with Family

In November 2018, twins Emma and Tommy were born. Unfortunately they tested positive for drugs as their mother struggled with addiction. The children and their family were referred to the 30 Days to Family program as their child welfare case manager did not want the children to remain in foster care while their mother received treatment services. The 30 Days to Family Specialist immediately began to reach out to family members. The Specialist reached out to the father of Emma and Tommy’s older siblings. The Specialist also reached out to maternal family members. Many family members who could and would take the children into their home were identified. The children’s future medical needs were taken into consideration when family members were considering taking the children.

Finally after finding many relatives, a meeting was held. Some of the family members who were contacted attended the meeting (maternal and paternal) and it was decided by everyone that the paternal aunt and uncle would take placement of Emma and Tommy and that a maternal aunt would be a backup should anything happen that the paternal aunt and uncle could no longer care for the children. She and other family members agreed to also support them with the care of the children as they needed.

Emma and Tommy are now (December 2020) going to be adopted by their aunt and uncle. We are so happy to know that Emma and Tommy did not have to grow up in foster care and are finding permanency with family members and staying connected to their siblings and all of their relatives. This is an amazing outcome for Emma and Tommy who are with people that would not have been found if their family had not been referred to the 30 Days to Family Ohio Program.

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