Baby Layla’s Journey Home

A 30 Days to Family® Success Story


Baby Layla came into foster care in May of 2020. Kristal, a 30 Days to Family® Specialist, immediately began calling relatives to identify a kinship caregiver. While diligently working to find a home for baby Layla, she also began inquiring about the possibility of a caregiver taking Layla’s older two siblings, who were also in foster care.


Several relatives wanted to be involved, but unfortunately were not in a position to serve as a primary caregiver for a newborn baby. In addition, other family members were experiencing challenges that lead to involvement with foster care.


Kristal reached out to baby Layla’s grandfather, who was now remarried and lived in Alabama. He and his wife both agreed that if a local kinship caregiver was not available for Layla, they would welcome the opportunity to care for her.


The search for other kinship caregiver options continued, with Kristal engaging local relatives on both maternal and paternal sides of the family. She contacted everyone she could find, but still could not find any local kinship caregivers.


Although it took longer than expected, after eight months of being on hold for processing, Layla flew to Alabama to meet her grandparents for the very first time. The grandparents were also able to provide care for Layla’s two older siblings who were in foster care.


The 30 Days to Family® Team supported all three siblings to transition from separate foster caregivers to be together with their grandparents. The grandfather said he was so happy that the team called him. He left Ohio many years ago, and never looked back. He almost didn’t answer the phone, but he saw the Ohio area code on the caller ID and decided to pick up. Because he did, he now is now the proud kinship caregiver for three of his grandchildren.

30 Days to Family® Ohio is a short-term intervention that utilizes the strategies of diligent searching and relentless engagement to identify potential connections.

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