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Our office is located in Tyler Village at the corner of E. 36th St. and Superior Ave.

From E. 36th Street, turn right into the first driveway north of Superior Ave. where you see the yellow "Enter" sign below the Tyler Village sign.  (E. 36th Street is one-way, so you can only approach the driveway from one direction.)
The driveway will lead you to the visitor parking lot that is shared by several buildings. You may park anywhere free of charge. (Please allow additional time to park if you are arriving during school dismissal hours. Additional parking can be found along Superior Ave on either side of E. 36th Street.)
From the rear parking lot, enter under the center blue awning marked "42."
Take the elevator or the stairs to the 3rd floor.
Follow the green line and arrow to the double glass doors at the end of the hall.

1427 E. 36th Street, Suite 4203F 44114

(Building 42, Floor 3, Suite F)