Kinnect Partner Spotlight: Interview with Social Venture Partners (SVP)

What is it like working with an organization like Kinnect?

Megan: What struck me was the passion. The passion for the work, for the kids, and everything you do. It’s very inspiring and motivating. I also appreciate that Shannon (Executive Director at Kinnect) never really loses her optimism and drive, which shines through the whole organization.

Katie: The state of Ohio values Kinnect so highly. You’re making such a huge impact and there’s always more opportunity for growth for the organization.


What attracted you to support Kinnect?
Megan: Katie and I were both part of the investment team (at SVP) where Mike (Co-Founder of Kinnect) gave a live presentation about the organization. All of our partners shared what their interests are in and what they’d like to gain experience in.

Katie: In recent years, we’ve had a focus on inequity both on partner education and investees. Out of the 50 organizations we were looking at, we wanted to see who serves the most inequity. We didn’t know too much about the foster care system, so we wanted to learn more about it. We were excited about how innovative Kinnect is and the goal of flipping the child welfare industry on its head.


Do you have anything else you wish to say?
Megan: I really admire people who look for the broadest set of resources they can put their hands on. It’s so refreshing to find ways to contribute to Kinnect and it keeps the juices flowing. Being open to new ideas and that thinking process, is a key reason for why Kinnect is so inspiring.

Katie: We are so proud to be a partner with all of you at Kinnect. It’s a very passionate organization and it makes it a pleasure to work with you guys.