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How Kinnect to Family Works

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Kinnect to Family is a specialized, intense, family search and engagement program. We use diligent search strategies to identify a vast array of connections for children and families encountering child welfare. We empower kinship caregivers and wrap them in stabilizing supports using relentless effort, focus, and determination.

As with all Kinnect programs, we embrace family to be defined as biological, adoptive, foster, and all other kin and persons who have meaningful relationships with the child and the family of origin; such as neighbors, coaches, and life-long friends.

We believe all children have caring and capable extended families that are willing to help raise their kin when needed. With the right tools and engagement, families can be united together to support one another through kinship care.


The 30 Days to Family® model has been applied with success for children and families, and now thanks to innovative enhancements is branching out to a broader program outside of the model's narrow eligibility. Kinnect to Family represents values and strategies enabling children services agencies to expand their family search and engagement practices to take full advantage of Kinnect's specialists and the best practices they offer. This enables them to serve more children.


Expanded eligibility is a significant adaption to our model. Because of this change, we are branching out from 30 Days to become Kinnect to Family. Our approach to innovation and our enhancements with Ohio's implementation have taken this model to a new, exciting evolution. Every family and child involved with Ohio's child welfare system can receive our services regardless of their status or case timeline. It is never too early or too late for diligent searching and relentless engagement of kin to identify potential connections, supports, and kinship placements.


  • Specialists have been able to serve families prior to custody removal to prevent children from entering foster care when there are safe kin willing to support them
  • Specialists have been able to serve families who were unable to receive intense family search & engagement services prior to their initial court hearing
  • Specialists have been able to serve children in permanent custody, which has led to significant results such as finalized adoptions

Children and Families...

all have access to the intense family search and engagement services they need and deserve.


can serve more families faster with the expanded eligibility pathways that meet their unique community needs and result in better outcomes not only for families, but also for their case-carrying staff.

Around the State...

this enhanced model demonstrates to the broader community that the Ohio supports innovative program offerings that best serve families while also ensuring federal mandates are met.

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Family makes a difference

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Kinnect to Family engages in diligent family search and engagement activities using a variety of technologies including but not limited to social media and advanced search tools that pull from a variety of sources.