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Kinnect with us!

Kinnect is excited to expand our training program to continue enhancing kinship practice across the state.  The strategies from these sessions empower families and produce lasting results, connecting young people with their families, kin, culture, and communities. Our new series is open to anyone with an interest in family search and engagement. 

SEEK Training Summary

9:00am-4:00pm in-Person
CEUs available

Search, Engage, Explore, and Kinnect (SEEK) Training is a six hour, values-based intense family search and engagement (FSE) training. In this training, participants will increase their understanding of core values and foundations of FSE, from legislation history and evolution of practice, to integrating family finding across agencies.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

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SOGIE 101: Working with LGBTQ+ With Young People

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SOGIE 101 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) 101 offers foundational information about gender identity and sexual orientation and the influence of affirmative caregiving. This is critical because LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in the child welfare system and are at greater risk of negative outcomes, including homelessness, unemployment, and physical and mental health challenges.

Rick Dencer, Family Search and Engagement Trainer

Heather Jamison, Trainer 

Unpacking the 'No'

Scheduling for next year, check back soon!

Unpacking the ‘No:’ Navigating Family Resistance
is a three-hour session that examines ambivalence, resistance, and opposition from families impacted by child protective services. Participants explore creative approaches to meaningfully engaging with relatives and opportunities for including the family and youth voice in the process.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

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Leaning into Engagement of Fathers

Scheduling for next year, check back soon!

Leaning into Engagement of Fathers is a three-hour training centered around the engagement of the non-custodial parents and their families. Participants examine the importance of engaging all fathers (alleged, established and fictive) and their immediate and extended families, and strategies for doing so.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

Identifying System Barriers

Scheduling for next year, check back soon!

Identifying System Barriers to Family Engagement and Strategies to Overcoming Them is a three-hour training focused on navigating the barriers that exist within the child protective system to connect children with their kin, culture, and community. Attendees examine potential obstacles, including timeframes and judicial involvement, and identify strategies for overcoming them.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

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