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Kinnect is developing a new professional education continuum called KinnectU.  We will invite external partners to join foundational training along with our staff. We are also developing new learning opportunities for both children services staff (through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, or OCWTP) and other professionals who work with children. Kinnect is known for its innovative programs and services, and KinnectU will be no different.

SEEK Training Summary

9:00am-4:00pm in-Person
CEUs available

Search, Engage, Explore, and Kinnect (SEEK) Training is a six hour, values-based intense family search and engagement (FSE) training for children services staff. In this training, participants will increase their understanding of core values and foundations of FSE, from legislation history and evolution of practice, to integrating family finding across agencies.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Register for in-person SEEK training at the dates and sites below through CAPS LMS

May 24 & 25 at SEORTC in Athens

May 31 at NCORTC in Cleveland

June 28 at NEORTC in Akron

September 12 at NWORTC in Toledo

October 12 at NCOTRC in Cleveland


Equity 102

Equity 102
Equity 102 is an advanced course designed to provide individuals with a deep understanding and practical application of equity terms and concepts. Developed by Kinnect in partnership with CSSP, this course is delivered in two parts through live, virtual sessions. By completing this course, participants will be better equipped to engage in meaningful conversations about equit and navigate difficult discussions, During the course, learners will have the opportunity to reflect on their own identities and consider how these personal aspects influence their work and interactions with others Participants will identify opportunities to implement the skills and concepts in real-world scenarios. Equity 102 is an essential step toward building a more equitable future.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer 

Heather Jamison, Trainer

Cost: $50

June 14, 2023, from 1-3 p.m. and June 21, 2023, from 1-3 p.m

Excited African American kid talking to mom nonverbal. Mother training girl to communicate with hand and finger gestures. Teacher using sign language for giving lesson to deaf disabled child at home
Multiethnic diverse group of people having fun outdoor - Focus on African girl face - Diversity and youth concept

SOGIE 101: Working with LGBTQ+ Young People

Available in-person through CAPS LMS or virtually through Kinnect

SOGIE 101 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) 101 offers foundational information about gender identity and sexual orientation and the influence of affirmative caregiving. Participants will learn to differentiate between basic definitions for sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; discuss the impact of bias, myths, and misinformation on developing youth; recognize the impact of rejection and acceptance by family and/or community on young people with diverse SOGIE, and  operationalize more inclusive and affirming social service practices.
SOGIE 101 reviews and introduces language, vocabulary and concepts that will be explored in  SOGIE 102.

Rick Dencer, Family Search and Engagement Trainer

Heather Jamison, Trainer 

Register for in-person trainings through CAPS LMS

July 27 at NCORTC in Cleveland

August 8 at ECORTC in Cambridge

August 10 at NEORTC in Cleveland

August 29 at Warren County Children Services

September 13 at NWORTC in Toledo

Equity 101

Equity 101
Equity 101 is the foundational course for anyone looking to understand the fundamental concepts and definitions of equity. Developed by Kinnect in partnership with CSSP, this two-hour live, virtual course will provide attendees with a shared language to talk about equity and an understanding of how these concepts are used in their own work and community. Learners will also discover actionable ways to use equity terms and concepts to create positive change. For seasoned professionals and new staff alike, Equity 101 is an essential step toward building a more equitable future. For those looking to further explore the topic, check out Equity 102. 

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer 

Heather Jamison, Trainer

Cost: $50

African father with disability sitting on floor and repairing his wheelchair with son helping him and giving tools from box

Unpacking the 'No'

Unpacking the ‘No:’ Navigating Family Resistance
is a three-hour session that examines ambivalence, resistance, and opposition from families impacted by child protective services. Participants explore creative approaches to meaningfully engaging with relatives and opportunities for including the family and youth voice in the process.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

Family consoling cute young little girl who is upset
Caring young single black father help cute kid son play on warm floor together, happy african family dad and little child boy having fun building constructor tower from colorful wooden blocks

Leaning into Engagement of Fathers

Leaning into Engagement of Fathers is a three-hour training centered around the engagement of the non-custodial parents and their families. Participants examine the importance of engaging all fathers (alleged, established and fictive) and their immediate and extended families, and strategies for doing so.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

Identifying System Barriers

Identifying System Barriers to Family Engagement and Strategies to Overcoming Them is a three-hour training focused on navigating the barriers that exist within the child protective system to connect children with their kin, culture, and community. Attendees examine potential obstacles, including timeframes and judicial involvement, and identify strategies for overcoming them.

Rick Dencer, Statewide FSE Trainer

Cost: $50

Asian mom and daughter

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