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Search, Engage, Explore, and Kinnect (SEEK.) Training is a six hour, values-based intense family search and engagement (FSE) training. In this training, participants will increase their understanding of core values and foundations of FSE, from legislation history and evolution of practice, to integrating family finding across agencies. Learners will discuss the “why” behind kin-first decision-making, how to identify and overcome barriers to connecting children with their kin, and trends in practice. Participants will learn diligent searching techniques, meaningful engagement strategies, as well as skillsets for connecting and supporting kinship families through interactive curriculum and activities.

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SEEK: FSE Search Tools


Family Search and Engagement Search Tools training is a one-hour virtual offering that will be focused on diligent searching strategies for the engagement of relatives and kin of children being served. Training will be centered around tools utilized in searching including LexisNexis®: Accurint and social media as well as publicly available information on the internet. Participants will learn tips and tricks on how and where to search, how to be creative in searching, and well as multi-tiered strategies to identify and engage with family on a larger scale. Trainees will have the opportunity to practice searching in real time.

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SEEK: Social Media Usage


Social Media Usage training is a one-hour virtual offering that will center on family search and engagement efforts utilizing social media through the lens of navigating professional boundaries and ethical considerations when exploring relatives. Training will include strategies for how to attempt to connect with relatives using social media as an engagement tool while respecting confidentiality. Participants will see sample scripts that can be used in initial engagement efforts. Trainees will learn strategies to combat scam skepticism as well as tips for building a professional social media profile.

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SEEK: Genogram


Genogram training is a one-hour virtual offering that will teach the basics of family tree building. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of why genograms are a critical tool and strategies for using them as a powerful engagement instrument. Trainer will utilize the software tool Genopro for demonstration. Training will briefly cover the Connect Our Kids web-based tool as well. Attendees will learn tips and tricks for keeping the composition simple while also creating complex family structures such as multiple partners, half-and-step relationships, and expansion to the 4th generation. Building a clear, easy-to-understand family tree centering on the child being served will be the primary focus.

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SEEK Learning Lab

1:00-3:00 pm

We are excited to present a new offering from SEEK! Our new Family Search and Engagement Learning Lab is an opportunity to bring a family or youth you would like to support to the session. Statewide Family Search and Engagement Trainer Rick Dencer will conduct an intense demonstration to help find contact information for kin, build a family tree, and create the next steps for engaging family. Fellow participants will observe the demonstration and are welcome to ask questions and even contribute along the way! The session will be two hours long. Register below.

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SEEK: Policy and Workflow Development


Policy and Workflow Development is a two-hour virtual offering intended for PCSA leadership teams. This training will be an opportunity to discuss state guidance and county procedure related to recent family search and engagement (FSE) legislation and best practice standards. Examples of agency policies and procedures related to FSE will be shared. Participants will have an opportunity to consider what vertical value alignment could mean for families and for PCSAs as well as and how this alignment may impact outcomes. Attendees will explore ideas on the “why” behind enhancing FSE efforts beyond satisfying legislative requirements, responsibility and role creation, unit composition, and benchmarks development.

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