Young Man Finds Permanency in Time for the Holidays! – 30 Days to Family® Success Story

Teenager boy with grandfather in park

Lisa, a 30 Days to Family® Specialist was assisting a young man named John who is 17 years old and was living in a residential treatment facility. She was determined to find connections for him before he aged out of foster careWithin a week, Lisa found his aunt and uncle who were eager to welcome John into their home. There was just one problem the family had recently experienced a medical issue and there were concerns by the agency about their ability to care for John. Lisa remained curious, and after numerous conversations learned that despite their medical issues, they were very successful in parenting their 3 teenage sons and had legal custody of their niece. They just needed help getting a bed and bedding for John. Armed with this new information, Lisa decided that this was THE placement for John! She began advocating to help them get what they needed so John could go live with them before Christmas. Knowing that time was of the essence, Lisa reached out to her 30 Days to Family® Coach for assistance. The 30 Days to Family® Coach was then able to connect Lisa with OhioKAN and between the two programs, they were hopeful that they could get John the items that he needed in order to live with his new family. When this news was shared with John, he broke down and cried tears of joy. He is so grateful for the opportunity to get out of the residential setting and be with his forever family.  

We are so grateful for Lisa’s partnership with Kinnect in delivering the 30 Days to Family® Model to ensure all kids leave foster care to permanency.